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Start Strong with Product Placement

Author: Susan Powell

Take a minute to think about your favorite college football team and their season so far. Would you consider them to be off to a good start? In college football, it is critical to begin the season strong and continue to perform all season long. Each and every game matters with the National Championship as your end goal. What we see every Saturday is just a small portion of all the work that goes into every game; the training, the countless hours spent watching film and running plays, all done in hopes of being prepared for the weekend ahead. 

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Looking Past the Numbers

A Great Day of Reaping and Sowing

Author: Doug Clouser

Very rarely can you have a great day of both reaping and sowing. I suppose there are some days in late June and early July where you can cut a wonderful crop of wheat, and then turn around and put in some double crop soybeans into perfect conditions. Or there are probably a few days in the fall where soybeans are coming out and wheat is going in.

But none of these agricultural examples can live up to the amazing day of reaping and sowing I was exposed to this weekend.

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Looking Past the Numbers

Around The World In Eight Weeks

Author: Doug Clouser

Have you ever thought about how many steps you take in a day? Or even tracked it using a pedometer or Fitbit? You may not notice on a day-to-day basis, but it’s amazing how far you go with in a few short weeks.

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