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The Great Outdoors With Mike Roux

Relationships Are Vital

Author: Mike Roux

Our entire existence is based upon varying levels of relationships. From birth we create, develop, nurture and rely on relationships between family members, friends, teachers, co-workers and hundreds of others. The ability to build mutually beneficial relationships is likely the most important factor in living a satisfying life. When both parties of a relationship depend equally upon one another it is called a symbiotic relationship.

The topic for today is the symbiotic relationship between the landowner and the hunter. It may not be openly obvious to everyone how overwhelmingly important this relationship can be to both people.

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Field Stories

Known For Something

We are all known for something. Even if we go out of our way to not stand out in a crowd. Some of us desire to be known for something. Maybe it’s our athletic ability, intelligence, job title, role in the family, being the best mom or dad we can be, or a superior businessman or woman. While others seem to be content to sit on the sidelines and to be obscure, even somewhat mysterious. But even if you try not to be known for anything, then you may be known as humble.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

An Invisible Passenger

Instead of getting worked up that I was now traveling at a mere two miles per hour, every few minutes on the interstate, I took in the city atmosphere. I listened as the cars in the opposite lane whizzed by at a methodical pace. With semis closing in around me, the smell of exhaust, brakes and dirty equipment took over my car. I was as far away from the country as I could get, and all I could think about was the farm.


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