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Looking Past The Numbers: Inside The Research Department

Blogging Before Blogging Was Cool

Author: Doug Clouser

When you work at a company for nearly 20 years, you gain lots of stories. From humorous to heartfelt, many of the stories I’ve gained are actually learning experiences. My name is Doug Clouser and I’m the product lead at Beck’s Hybrids. I’ve been a part of the research team since 1996.

I’ll admit this first blog has me a little nervous. I can speak and write for days on product information, product placement, or even technologies. This whole idea of entertaining or educating in a blog format is a bit outside my comfort level.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Time for a Rest Stop

It’s time for another rest stop. And this time, I’m taking you to one of my favorite places – harvest. On Sunday, September 22, I looked up into the bright blue sky, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. A sweet smell wrapped up in a cool breeze swept across my face. And just for a minute the world stopped turning. 

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