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Why Interns?

It’s common knowledge that when one interviews for a full-time position, an internship with a reputable company is seen as an asset. An internship experience is valuable because it means that someone else has taken the time to show them the ropes. Someone else in the business community has coached this person to show up on time, take direction, work as a member of a team, follow through, and stay on task. With a foundation like that, we can dive right into how Beck’s does business and their role on their first day as a full time employee.

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Intern Avenue

Fifteen Minutes with Sonny Beck

Like any other intern, I started my onboarding week with a goal to please. I sat through session after session, listened to every presenter that walked through the door, and tried my hardest to impress whomever I came in contact with. For me, an internship at Beck’s Hybrids was like a golden door to success. Great company. Great atmosphere. And most importantly, a great resume builder.

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