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Looking Past The Numbers

Inspiration By Procrastination

Author: Doug Clouser

I’ll be honest, I was putting off writing my blog today because I wasn’t sure exactly what subject to focus on. So instead of grabbing my laptop and trying to type something up, I watched a movie instead. The movie was about a woman that was battling to become sober. She found that many things and people seemed to be stacked against her efforts to become sober. Despite those many obstacles, the movie ended up with her celebrating her one year anniversary of sobriety.

As I watched the movie, I felt a definite inspiration for my blog coming over me. You see, over the last year I have been fortunate to lose over 100 pounds! I am very proud of my accomplishment, but my true inspiration for today’s blog is the unbelievable amount of support I have received over this journey of losing weight.

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