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Super Bowl Sweet & Savory Pigs in a Blanket

This coming Sunday, after church has let out and the chores have been done, football fans all across the U.S. will be crowding around their televisions for one of the most anticipated games of the year. The Super Bowl!

Now, sports haven’t been a regular topic in my blog, but they have been a big part of my life, and my family memories. so I wanted to share a little about our family Superbowl gatherings. And if you stay with me until the end of the post, you might find a pretty awesome recipe for you to bring to the party!

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Looking Past The Numbers

Building A Championship Team

Author: Doug Clouser

What a busy time of year for athletic competitions. Here in central Indiana there are so many choices to keep you preoccupied with tremendous events. Some seasons are winding down (such as volleyball and the high school football tournament that just took place) while other seasons like basketball are just getting started.

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