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CropTalk: Chicken Soup For the Farmer's Soul

September 2022

Author: Maggie Holt

On August 1, Beck’s officially launched our “Just Believe” campaign with messaging driven from Bible verse Mark 5:36, “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.” We had one single objective with this campaign; to encourage all farmers to “remember, He created you for this.” And while some of our dealers and employees had been privy to a sneak peek, our marketing team eagerly anticipated the video release and the feedback such a bold campaign would garner. But while monitoring our social media accounts in the days following the launch, I felt something I never expected…

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Why I Farm


For most farmers and ranchers across the country, the ground they tend to is special. It holds more than the plants and animals these men and women care for. The land holds memories, traditions, and their own sweat and tears.

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Intern Avenue

The Top Five Reasons Why Christmas Is Even Better as a College Student

I have always been enamored with the Christmas season. As a child, I was enchanted by the stories of watchful elves, dancing nutcrackers, and flying sleighs. As an adult, I still find myself charmed by these stories, but even more so, charmed by the ambiance of this season. Christmas in college is much different than Christmas as a kid, but in some very special, wonderful ways. Read below as a give my Top Five Reasons Why Christmas Is Even Better as a College Student.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Standing at a Crossroad

Every day at 11:00 a.m. I anxiously wait for my email inbox to increase by one, for the ping of the email landing on home, and the notification to pop up on my screen. Because every day at 11:00 a.m. I receive my daily devotion.

When I began truly finding my faith many months ago (you can read about it here), I added a daily devotion to my routine. And I’ll admit. I don’t get just one. I receive four a day. It might be a bit much for some, but to me, I’m still figuring things out.

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Intern Avenue

Learning to Dance in the Rain

The marketing department was beyond busy this week due to the launch of the new Why I Farm video. Walking over to the research building, in the rain may I add, was not on the top of my list Tuesday. In fact, for a minute I brooded about the weather, the week and my sheer- dumb luck. It wasn't till I was almost to the building that I finally looked up from the wet ground.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Merry Christmas From Our Family Farm To Yours

Did you hear that? I'm pretty sure I can almost hear the sounds of Christmas all around - bows being torn, wrapping paper ripping, children laughing, and holiday music playing in the background. It's Christmas Day. A day to celebrate our faith, our family, and all of our blessings. But first, we must thank one very special person.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

A Company With A Heartbeat

Faith. Christianity. God. Normally you wouldn’t see these words on a company blog, but I can type them proudly. And it’s not just because I am a Christian. It’s because I work for a family-owned company, Beck’s Hybrids. Maybe you don’t remember from my first blog, but I absolutely love my job. Not only do I love what I do, I love who I work for, what the Beck family stands for, and how they’re not afraid to share their beliefs.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement


As I sat around the kitchen table with my mom, dad and brother, Austin, I was quickly reminded of three things. 1) We are not a mushy family. Don’t get me wrong, we have feelings; we just don’t like talking about them. 2) Eating homemade beef and noodles on a cold Saturday evening with a fire in the background is near perfection. 3) I am incredibly thankful for my farm family.

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