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Looking Past The Numbers

Nutty Corn Pest

Author: Doug Clouser

I am sure many of you are a bit stir crazy as am I from all of the very wintery days we have had this year. I know there are many out there that will tell me I am wrong, but this has to be the most snow and cold we have had in a winter in many years, if not decades.

With all of the winter we have been having, I have tried to pull my thoughts toward spring. The product team has been working on our new products for next year already and that has been a great opportunity to be thinking about a warmer time.

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Looking Past The Numbers

Inspiration By Procrastination

Author: Doug Clouser

I’ll be honest, I was putting off writing my blog today because I wasn’t sure exactly what subject to focus on. So instead of grabbing my laptop and trying to type something up, I watched a movie instead. The movie was about a woman that was battling to become sober. She found that many things and people seemed to be stacked against her efforts to become sober. Despite those many obstacles, the movie ended up with her celebrating her one year anniversary of sobriety.

As I watched the movie, I felt a definite inspiration for my blog coming over me. You see, over the last year I have been fortunate to lose over 100 pounds! I am very proud of my accomplishment, but my true inspiration for today’s blog is the unbelievable amount of support I have received over this journey of losing weight.

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Looking Past The Numbers

Building A Championship Team

Author: Doug Clouser

What a busy time of year for athletic competitions. Here in central Indiana there are so many choices to keep you preoccupied with tremendous events. Some seasons are winding down (such as volleyball and the high school football tournament that just took place) while other seasons like basketball are just getting started.

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Looking Past The Numbers: Inside The Research Department

Blogging Before Blogging Was Cool

Author: Doug Clouser

When you work at a company for nearly 20 years, you gain lots of stories. From humorous to heartfelt, many of the stories I’ve gained are actually learning experiences. My name is Doug Clouser and I’m the product lead at Beck’s Hybrids. I’ve been a part of the research team since 1996.

I’ll admit this first blog has me a little nervous. I can speak and write for days on product information, product placement, or even technologies. This whole idea of entertaining or educating in a blog format is a bit outside my comfort level.

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