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CropTalk: The Complete Field Show Experience

August 2020

Author: Ashley Heyen

Farming is a moving target. Whether it is extreme weather conditions, tough-to-control weeds, or changes in technology, there is something to learn every year. To help you navigate these topics and fi nd ways to increase ROI year-after-year, you’re invited to discover the number one agronomic resource — Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® — at Becknology™ Days 2020.

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CropTalk: Fresh Ideas at 2020 Field Shows

July 2020

We’ve never seen anything like 2020. Our team has been working to innovate, adapt, and overcome the unique challenges of 2020 while delivering an exceptional field show season. Here is a preview of what you’ll experience at our field shows next month.

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Intern Avenue

Photo Friday: Becknology Days

Have you ever attended Becknology Days? Each year, Beck's puts on several different field shows throughout the Midwest, but Becknology Days is an event held at the home site in Atlanta, Ind. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a perfect blend of agronomics, new product information, and educational seminars with their success in mind. There are also many activities for families and children, as well as great food and a great atmosphere. 

This is my first experience at Becknology Days and I am having a wonderful time. Check out some photos I snapped yesterday while at the event. 

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