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Intern Avenue: I Wasn’t Raised in Agriculture

Author: Laine McGee

The decision I made to take a leap of faith and change my major opened so many doors for me, and I never knew how passionate I would come to be towards the world of agriculture. It took me a long time to find my place and be okay with not being a kid who grew up in agriculture at a majority ag college, but I would say stepping out of my comfort zone would be the best decision I made throughout my entire college career.

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PFR Report

Farmer's, Start Your Engines

Author: Jim Schwartz

Last week the Daytona 500 officially marked the beginning of NASCAR season. This iconic race is not only the biggest race of the season, but it is also super important for multiple reasons. The first, obvious bragging rights and a confetti shower for the crowned champion. Second is that the Daytona 500 sets the stage for the rest of the season. It’s important for the drivers to get off to a good start, not only when that green flag waves in Daytona, but also for the remainder of the season as they sprint towards that coveted cup.

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PFR Report

Do Starter Additives Pay?

Author: Jim Schwartz

As farmers prepare for a new planting season, they seek new ways to improve seedling growth to maximize their yield potential. In-furrow technologies such as starter fertilizers, micronutrients, seed treatments, and fungicide and insecticide applications are one way to nourish seedlings at their most vulnerable state. And because these in-furrow technologies provide crops with nutrients and protection during those early growth stages, farmers can plant earlier knowing their crop is set up for season-long success.

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The Results Are In: Seed Treatments Pay

Harvest is wrapped up at Beck’s Kentucky Practical Research (PFR)® site and this season had its fair share of challenges. Many of you experienced these same challenges, from cool, wet conditions early on to a very hot and dry June and an abundance of rain throughout July. What makes Beck’s PFR program so unique is that we test multiple products and management practices not just at one site, but across five other sites throughout our marketing area as well.  

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Intern Avenue

Picture This

Yesterday I had another opportunity to travel with Beck’s. Instead of a road trip, we hit the skies to travel to the Kentucky Practical Farm Research site. It was an experience that I will never forget. Take a look at my Photo Friday recap of the trip.

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