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CropTalk: Success Strategies For Wheat

October 2022

When it comes to managing a winter wheat crop, especially given the current commodity prices, there are many considerations for getting the most bang for our buck. Here at Beck’s, we have identified five key strategies for success to ensure the most profit potential.

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CropTalk: PFR Practices Used For Beck’s Production Acres

June 2022

Since 1964, Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® has strived to help farmers find new ways to better manage their farms and increase their ROI. So, what better place to start than with Beck’s farmers on our seed production team. To learn more about the PFR management practices and products used across the company’s seed corn and soybean production acres, I sat down with Darin Lucas, Beck’s production location agronomist in Atlanta, IN.

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Practical Farm Research (PFR): Corn and Soybean Results

2021 PFR Book

Since 1937, the Beck family has owned and operated Beck’s, the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand in the United States. As farmers themselves, the Beck family recognizes the value of conducting unbiased agronomic research to help farmers succeed.

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