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CropTalk: A Little XTRA for Forage and Silage

July 2021

Author: Matt Lawson

How many of us pay for insurance on the homes in which we live? Ever wonder if it’s worth it? While this article is about silage inoculants and not about homeowner’s insurance, I often get a very similar question when discussing the use of silage and forage inoculants: ‘How do I know if I am getting a return on investment when I apply that inoculant?’

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CropTalk: Alfalfa Planting Considerations and Assessing Stands

March 2021

Author: Pat Holloway

Seed selection is just one part of achieving a successful alfalfa stand. No matter the quality of the seed, poor planting practices will never return a satisfying stand of alfalfa. Decisions made during establishment will factor into production over the life of the stand.

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