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CropTalk: What Really Drives Soybean Yield?

November 2021

Author: Scott Dickey

When we think about maximizing soybean performance, there are many agronomic factors to consider. Agronomists usually discuss variety selection, varietal maturity, seed treatment, seeding rate, planting depth, fertility, pest and weed control, and planting date, to name some of the key factors. In this article, I am going to focus on the importance of planting date and how it impacts soybean performance.

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CropTalk: Soybean Yield Components

September 2020

Author: Jon Caspers

Soybean yields ultimately depend on the number and weight of the seeds harvested per acre. Soybean yield is determined by nodes per acre (plants per acre x nodes per plant), pods per node, seeds per pod, and seed weight.

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