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CropTalk: A New Spin on Pre-Emerge Herbicides

June 2020

Author: Joe Bolte

In the weed science world, we spend a lot of time discussing soybean herbicide programs, but very little time talking about corn programs. Why is so little time spent on corn? One reason is the fact that we can use Group 27 or HPPD herbicides in corn to achieve effective weed control. HPPDs were approved in the late ‘90s, making them the most recently approved herbicide group to come to market. Therefore, there are fewer resistant weeds reported compared to many other herbicide groups. Today, Group 27 herbicides are the foundation to many successful corn herbicide program. However, in 2020, farmers in approved states/counties will have the option to use Alite™ 27 (isoxafl utole) for residual on tough-tocontrol small-seeded broadleaf weeds, such as pigweeds and marestail. Alite 27 has greater activity on smaller-seeded broadleaf weeds versus larger-seeded weeds like giant ragweed.

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