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CropTalk: Yield Data: More Than Just a Pretty Map

August 2020

While we all know about our yield monitor’s ability to generate yield maps, yield monitors and other precision ag tools can offer other benefits as well. And while yield maps are certainly powerful pieces of information, just as important is the information that helps understand why a field or area of a field performed the way that it did. Beck’s offers a precision ag tool called FARMserver® that can not only process your yield maps but also help to answer the “why” question. Here are three steps you can take now to help make the most of what your yield monitor and FARMserver have to offer during harvest.

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Precision Farming: New Seed Selection Tool Now Available in FARMserver

The new and improved Seed Selection Tool in FARMserver® is one more way that Beck’s continues to help farmers succeed. Relaunched just in time for the 2020 seed purchasing season, this upgraded tool now comes with several new features for all operations, whether they have data uploaded or not.

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