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Outdoors with Mike Roux

Hope Outdoors

Author: Mike Roux

This has been a very rewarding spring turkey season for me. I only had limited time to hunt but I have turkey breast to eat and lots of new memories. Good friends like Les Semar, Bob Cowman, JD Stevenson, Collin Brunstein and Lexi Stevenson all got nice birds as well. But by far the biggest highlight of this season came back in February when longtime friend, Les Semar called me with a very special invitation. 

For the past couple of years, Les and his brother Scott have been involved with the Southeast Missouri Chapter of Hope Outdoors, an organization dedicated to facilitating events and providing hunting opportunities to kids who would otherwise likely never get the chance to experience the outdoors, much less actually get to go hunting. I did some quick research on Hope Outdoors and felt like this was a worthwhile effort in which to help out. Mostly, I just trusted Les that if he supported it I should, too.

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Outdoors With Mike Roux

Pheasant Knowledge

Author: Mike Roux

I like this topic. It never fails that when I put pen to paper concerning pheasant hunting, a broad smile crosses my face. I have more fun pheasant hunting than any other type of upland game. I enjoy hunting other species more, but I do not have more fun with them. It is amazing how a target that big and that slow can be missed so often.

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The Great Outdoors With Mike Roux

Start'Em Out Right Hunting

Author: Mike Roux

Today I want to take a look at hunting in its purest form, through the eyes of a child. There are two ways that we can collect data on a child's perception of hunting. The first way is to remember. Take yourself back to the days when even a morning rabbit hunt was as big an adventure as an African Safari. The second way is much more precise. Just ask a kid.

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