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Beck's Why I Farm Roadtrip: Connecticut Farmers, Jonathan and Hazel Secchiaroli

When he came over from Italy, Jonathan Secchiaroli’s great grandfather settled in Connecticut to begin a farm. He started with a barn, dairy cattle, and some pigs. The pig business grew, so the family transitioned to a pork specialty. In 2011, Jonathan took over the farm, and the responsibility of providing his community with protein, from his father and oldest brother. Today, Jonathan and his wife, Hazel, live and work on the farm along with their three young children.

Farming has been a part of Jonathan’s family for generations. Hazel, however, was raised in San Diego, California, and considers herself a “city kid.” When she moved east in 2000 to be with Jonathan, Hazel experienced quite a lifestyle change. “It is sort of a different way of life, so it was an adjustment at first, but I think seeing how much the farm was really part of his family helped. His family was so welcoming.” Hazel recalls.

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