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Intern Avenue

Investing in Others: Beck's Professional Development Workshop

“Keeping and maintaining relationships is one of the most important things you can do in your career.”

Those are the words of Beck’s CEO, Sonny Beck. After last week, I would say that everyone in the 2017 intern class had the opportunity to connect and create relationships at the Intern Professional Development Workshop.

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Intern Avenue

My Interview with Sonny Beck

Author: Celina Young

A few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to have a conversation with Sonny Beck, CEO of Beck’s. Going into this meeting, my goal was to uncover what it was about this company’s leadership that has allowed Beck’s to help farmers succeed for almost 80 years. I could not have prepared myself for the direction the conversation would go. Sonny shared various stories about his role in the company over the years, as well as passing along some inspiration and words of wisdom. Now, I’d like to pass that advice along to you.

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Intern Avenue

Life Lessons and Personal Development

Author: Celina Young

“Having a project and opportunities for personal development are what makes an internship different from summer work.” Those are the words of Beck’s intern coordinator, Samantha Miller.

After last week, I would say that mission is accomplished! For two days, Beck’s 30 summer interns came together in Atlanta, Indiana for a chance to network and improve ourselves through various sessions. 

The event was packed full with a wide variety of opportunities, from assessing how we work with others, to a Q&A with Beck’s President and CEO. This is just one of the many ways that Beck’s invests in their interns. I learned a lot in this time, but I wanted to share some of my key takeaways with you.


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Family and Farming

Memories Restored: Sonny's First John Deere Tractor

Everything on the farm holds a memory. As a kid, it was the hayloft you used to play in with your siblings. The first tractor you learned to drive. The basketball goal on the side of the barn where you practiced your jump shot. The old truck you used to ride in with Dad when he had to go to town for parts. Or the creek you played in on warm summer afternoons when the day’s work was done. As adults, those memories turn to the first field you ever harvested. The first piece of land or equipment you bought on your own. Or maybe even the exact place you were working when your wife called to say it was time to go to the hospital…your first born child was about to arrive.

Years will go by, things will change, equipment will evolve, and farms will grow. But those items, those memories, are priceless. And it’s because of those special sentiments that we are known for keeping certain things around. Some may say they’re old and not worth it, but to us…they’re like gold. Because they were a part of our farm’s foundation.

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Intern Avenue

Fifteen Minutes with Sonny Beck

Like any other intern, I started my onboarding week with a goal to please. I sat through session after session, listened to every presenter that walked through the door, and tried my hardest to impress whomever I came in contact with. For me, an internship at Beck’s Hybrids was like a golden door to success. Great company. Great atmosphere. And most importantly, a great resume builder.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

A Company With A Heartbeat

Faith. Christianity. God. Normally you wouldn’t see these words on a company blog, but I can type them proudly. And it’s not just because I am a Christian. It’s because I work for a family-owned company, Beck’s Hybrids. Maybe you don’t remember from my first blog, but I absolutely love my job. Not only do I love what I do, I love who I work for, what the Beck family stands for, and how they’re not afraid to share their beliefs.

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