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Outdoors with Mike Roux

Bass Tactics for Hot Weather Walleyes

Author: Mike Roux

August has been hot this year. Good for the corn, ok for the soybeans, and great for fishing. I don’t know a single farmer who would turn down a walleye dinner. Think hot weather and walleyes do not mix? Think again. A walleye is cold-blooded. Like other fish, their metabolism rises along with the water temperature in summer, meaning they need to eat more, not less.

Conventional wisdom, all summer long, demands dragging leeches and minnows on Lindy rigs in deeper water for walleyes. Obviously, it works. Hundreds of thousands of walleye enthusiasts cannot be wrong, especially since it is still working after half a century.

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Outdoors with Mike Roux

Mid-Summer Fishing Tips

Author: Mike Roux's hot! It is the middle of summer, and it feels like it. Heat and humidity are two things I have never built up a resistance to. Summer is my least favorite season. And a summer like this one, hot and dry, is a real killer. It’s so hot, yesterday I saw a dog chasin' a cat, and they were both walkin'. It is so hot even the ice cubes are sweatin'. The good thing about this time of year is that our farming friends can occasionally take a day off to catch some fish.

So much for my hot weather complaints. Summer has its good points, too. Mid-summer fishing can often be as hot as the weather. Summer patterns and habits for most game fish fluctuate drastically from day to day. There are several contributing factors that can make or break a day of summer fishing. Today we're going to look at some questions and give some advice on how to keep fresh fillets on your grill or in your skillet this summer.

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