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Agronomy Update

April Planting Updates

Author: Jon Skinner

With planting just days away, now is a great time to look over your final planting details to ensure you are setting yourself up for maximum yield potential with the upcoming crop. Becks Practical Farm Research (PFR)® continues to provide us with unbiased guidelines and insights to help maximize yield and return on investment (ROI) on every acre.

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Agronomy Update

Don't Let the Warm Weather Fool You

Author: Jon Skinner

With unseasonably warm weather predicted over the next week in northern Illinois and Wisconsin, I anticipate seeing equipment hit the field for early spring field work. These early field applications can benefit any farming operation when done properly. Patience is very important as most of the compaction during a season occurs with the first pass of the year. 

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Agronomy Update

Identifying Corn Ear Molds In Your Fields

Author: Jon Skinner

Conditions throughout many parts of Wisconsin and northern Illinois have been favorable for the development of corn ear molds. Ear molds are of particular concern because of the adverse effects they can have on grain storage. They also result in the development of mycotoxins, which can have detrimental effects on feed value and animal health. 

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