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PFR Report: Multi-Row Width, Multi-Hybrid Planter Research

What is the best row width spacing, hybrid, and planting population for achieving the highest-yielding corn yields?

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CropTalk: Picking Up the Planting Pace

October 2019

Some years, we look back and wish we could have planted all our crops within a specific window of time. Typically, that window is from mid- to late- April. According to Beck’s 17-year Indiana Practical Farm Research (PFR)® planting date data, you can gain anywhere from 4% to 28% more yield by planting in late April compared to May or June. On average, for a 175 Bu./A. corn crop, that could mean a 20 to 30 Bu./A. gain just by planting within that early window. What if you could plant 60% more acres per hour? What would that mean for your operation?

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