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CropTalk: Getting Amped With FARMserver®

March 2022

In the cold winter months, we tend to hibernate. Unless, of course, you have livestock. Or a heated shop. But even then, it’s harder to get motivated when the temperatures are low, the winds are blowing, and the ground is frozen. Spring can seem a long way off when you’re sipping coffee on a still-dark February morning.

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CropTalk: What's New, FARMserver?

March 2021

If you watched the 2021 PFR Insight meetings, you know by now that FARMserver® is rolling out a whole new feature this spring. The Growth Model in FARMserver takes several pieces of information and uses it to predict the growth stage of each field. We’re nothing short of excited to tell you about it!

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Precision Farming: Harvest Yield Reports in FARMserver

Harvest time is a busy time, but FARMserver® is here to help keep you stay on top of your data game! Beck’s just recently announced a new feature to FARMserver that will be available for the 2019 harvest season; automated yield reports.

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Precision Farming: New Seed Selection Tool Now Available in FARMserver

The new and improved Seed Selection Tool in FARMserver® is one more way that Beck’s continues to help farmers succeed. Relaunched just in time for the 2020 seed purchasing season, this upgraded tool now comes with several new features for all operations, whether they have data uploaded or not.

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