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CropTalk: Fall Fertility and Best Practices Amidst Rising Inputs

September 2021

Author: Dale Viktora

What a season we have experienced so far! The weather has certainly been variable across our marketing area. While some have had an abundance of precipitation, others watched their crop deteriorate from drought. As we look forward to harvest, we must also begin planning for the 2022 crop, and fertility management becomes top of mind.

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CropTalk: Nematodes in Corn Production

July 2020

Author: Dale Viktora

Often, when farmers hear the word nematodes, their minds gravitate towards soybeans; however, there are multiple plant-parasitic nematodes that cause serious damage to the corn plant. The level of injury and yield reduction to the corn crop will depend on the species of nematode present as well as the population of those nematodes; other in-season plant stresses exacerbate nematode pressure. Over the past decade, we have seen a shift to more corn acres, which ultimately makes these nematodes even more important to understand.

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