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Published on Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Wake up in the morning and say 'Good morning, God' Instead of 'Good God, morning' & your day will go better." These words struck me as soon as Orion Samuelson, long-time host of the U.S. Farm Report, said them. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of perspective, and for me, it comes in the form of the annual Agriculture Future of America Conference.

Agriculture Future of America is an organization that has not only trained young agricultural leaders for the past 18 years, but has inspired these individuals to be the future of our industry. Last week, I flew out west to be a part of the annual AFA Leader’s Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Each year I leave this conference filled with both passion and hope for the future.



                         The theme of this year's AFA Conference was Activate. As agricultural leader's 

                               we have the power to make a difference in the future of our industry. 

My week started off with a visit to Kansas State with my brother, Pierce. I absolutely fell in love with the campus and can definitely see why he decided to study in the sunflower state! He even talked me into sitting through a meat science class with him. It actually turned out to be quite interesting, even if the classroom was a freezing cooler!



                            So thankful I got to spend a few days with my brother, Pierce last week! 

                                     Here we are pictured with our youngest cousin, Carmen.

On Thursday morning, we packed up the truck and made our way from Manhattan to Kansas City to kick off the four-day conference. The AFA program consists of four tracks. Each year, tracks focus on different elements of personal and professional development. This year, I participated in Track 3, which prepares college juniors and seniors to live and work in a global market.

Throughout the four-day conference I participated in a number of sessions that included global agriculture, project management, post graduate opportunities in agriculture, and networking with agricultural executives from around the globe.



                                      A professional network is not the only thing built at AFA. 

                           I was very happy to share this experience with some fellow Buckeyes.

This particular track was so interesting because I especially love to travel. Over the past two years, I have traveled to both Costa Rica and Brazil studying their agricultural practices, and I am happy to announce that I will also be studying in the Netherlands with AFA during my senior year.

This conference not only connected me to agricultural leaders from across the globe, but this organization also made me realize how lucky I am. As a junior in college, I am learning from some of the most influential people in agriculture. I realized that even on my worst day, there are so many people through out the world who would still be wishing they could in my shoes. Thank you so much to AFA and all those who have played a part in this wonderful experience, especially God and Orion Samuelson.


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Meghan Bennett
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Meghan Bennett

Marketing Associate Intern at Beck’s Hybrids, Student at The Ohio State University, Small town girl from Southwest Ohio, AGvocate, Lover of Livestock.

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Marketing Associate Intern at Beck’s Hybrids, Student at The Ohio State University, Small town girl from Southwest Ohio, AGvocate, Lover of Livestock.


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