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Published on Thursday, August 07, 2014

On a daily basis I seem to be asking myself one important question. "Did you know?" And it's usually in regards to agriculture. The more questions I ask, the more answers I seek. As a writer, this is a way for me to brainstorm. What better place than to both brainstorm and save my ideas than with the social media site, Pinterest? 

I use Pinterest to gain both ideas and insight. These ideas sometimes serve as inspiration for my daily writing responsibilities at Beck’s. As an avid “pinner”, I wanted to share with you some inspirational content I stumbled upon. These are messages that make me smile when I think about life in the country and help me keep my writing in perspective.



If you can’t tell from this graphic, there is a lot going on 'down on the farm'. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, 2.2 million farms are located in the United States, but farm and ranch families make up just two percent of the population, earning only 16 cents for every dollar spent on food. One in three of U.S. farm acres are planted with crops that will be used throughout the world.


Can you imagine inviting 155 people to your kitchen table every night? Neither can I, but the American farmer does it in their own way every year.


If you’re like me, I love agriculture, but I’m also concerned with our environment. Turns out corn production helps to decrease the effects of harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted every day according to the EPA.


For those who are saying family farms are a thing of the past, you may want to think again. I love the facts that go along with Erin Ehnle’s wonderful farm imagery. Check out all her work on Facebook


Ok, I have to post about one of my favorite sectors of agriculture-- Besides, these little lambs are too cute not to grab some attention! The sheep industry is vital in producing both meat and wool for consumers to feed and clothe themselves. 


Love. A four letter word that means so much in the agriculture industry. Wendell Berry is right. If farmers didn’t love their job, there would be no point to their lifestyle. I also think that passion and dedication follows this love too. Together, these three emotions create the American farmer. 


Every day I am blessed to be able to sit down and have three, fulfilling meals. I never worry going hungry. Though I look over it at times, I have always known that my food doesn’t magically appear in the grocery store. Countless hours of blood, sweat, tears and prayer go into producing the food that hits the plates of millions of consumers. And I believe we have a farmer to thank for that.

Thank you Pinterest for allowing Agvocates to tell their stories through these wonderful pictures and infographics. It gives me hope that together, we can bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.


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Meghan Bennett
Meghan Bennett>

Meghan Bennett

Marketing Associate Intern at Beck’s Hybrids, Student at The Ohio State University, Small town girl from Southwest Ohio, AGvocate, Lover of Livestock.

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Marketing Associate Intern at Beck’s Hybrids, Student at The Ohio State University, Small town girl from Southwest Ohio, AGvocate, Lover of Livestock.


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