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Generation Farmer Part 1

Agronomy Update

Published on Friday, March 19, 2021

Introducing the Beck’s Generation Farmer series, hosted by Field Sales Agronomist, Dale Viktora. This series will tie in the agronomic fundamentals of farming, with concepts Practical Farm Research (PFR®) is implementing in their test plots, to make more profitable decisions on the farm.

Watch to learn more about the following main points:

  • Planting Depth
    • Plant to soil moisture depth
    • Consistent moisture and temperature = uniform emergence
    • Nodal root structure development (corn)
    • Healthy imbibition – just enough water
  • Planting Date -Sunlight capture, crop photosensitivity, and soil fitness
  • Which crop (corn or soybeans) should be planted first?
    • If planting corn early, and a cold, wet weather is forecasted, switching to soybeans could be a wise decision.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Beck’s Generation Farmer series!

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