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CropTalk: Previewing Practical Farm Research

November 2019

Published on Monday, November 4, 2019

For the 2019 harvest season, Practical Farm Research (PFR)® is eagerly anticipating new additions to the PFR Book. This year’s PFR Book will bring expanded agronomic knowledge to the table – including more recommendations than ever before! You can look forward to deeper dives into our PFR Proven™ products, multi-location insights, and concise study highlights.

Innovative Technologies and Equipment Highlights

Various closing wheels have been tested across multiple sites and in different soil types the past few years. This year, adding a new twist to an old study, closing wheels were tested in high speed planting conditions. This study took place in both corn and soybean cropping systems. In high speed planting conditions, our goal is to be friends with the weather, instead of fighting it.

New this year is a downforce study utilizing DeltaForce® from Precision Planting. This technology works with 20/20 SeedSense® and replaces the springs or air bags on a planter. The DeltaForce® package includes hydraulic cylinders channeled to the cab, with a weight pin that sends data to SeedSense which regulates the cylinders and down force. The purpose of this study is to determine if the automated DeltaForce® settings or the manual settings work most effectively and what pressure setting is ideal in the field. To help combat residue management in fields, row cleaners were tested in no-till corn and soybean environments. Heavy debris in the seed trench can have a impact on seed germination during emergence. By adding a row cleaner pass prior to planting, seedbeds are free of debris and seeds can be placed in a consistent habitat.

New Nutritional Studies

The recent buzz around sulfur prompted us to perform a sulfur rate and timing study on soybeans. Granular AMS was used pre-emerge at the rate of 62 lb./A. Spray grade AMS was used at the rate of 21 lb./A. during the V4 and R3 growth stages. A sequential application was made at R3 following the V4 treatment. We even tested Thio-Sul®, a liquid ammonium thiosulfate fertilizer, in a new sulfur study on corn. This sulfur product was used during the V3 application of urea ammonium nitrogen (UAN).

For the first-time in PFR, we are including an organic product study! BRANDT® Organics Crop Mix, a liquid complexed micronutrient package, and the biofungicide Regalia® Rx are approved products for use in organic corn and soybean cropping systems.

A rate and timing study was also implemented this year in the silicon study. Both V4 and V8 applications of Mainstay SI were made to corn; while V4 and R3 applications were analyzed in soybean systems. Mainstay SI is a nutritional product that is high in calcium and silicon. Silicon applications are made to strengthen cell walls and reduce oxidative stress.

Stay up-to-date with what’s new by tuning into our PFR Report, emailed out monthly. The PFR Book will be published with this year’s findings in December. In the meantime, happy harvest!

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