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CropTalk: Genetic Choice Trial Walks

August 2022

Published on Monday, August 1, 2022

November 2011: Beck’s announces a new corn trialing system now known as Genetic Choice Trials. But what are Genetic Choice Trials? They are our world-class, pre-commercial corn mini strip yield trials set up in four 40 ft. long rows and replicated multiple times. The center rows are harvested for accurate data that closely emulates what happens in farmers’ fields. With the most diverse genetic access in the seed industry, Beck’s Genetic Choice Trials allow us to determine and fine-tune our product recommendations to create the best corn lineup in the industry. This powerful lineup results in higher yields for farmers as we regionally select products specific to their area and offer an all-star hybrid offering at every relative maturity.


Beck’s Genetic Choice Trials started off with a bang. Since the first year of planting in 2012, we have seen first-hand the importance of this type of testing. The drought in 2012 brought stress to many areas and helped us identify well-known products like BECK 5140brand, BECK 5828brand, and BECK 5829brand. Over the years, these products have shown amazing ability to handle some of the most stressful situations we face.

Our Genetic Choice Trials also measure heavy-hitting top-end yield and the consistent plant-almost-anywhere hybrids. Our current lineup showcases the testing power of these trials when you consider hybrids like BECK 6374brand, which has won three years in a row and has become our leading seller across Beck’s entire marketing area. This hybrid performs at a consistently high level in our Genetic Choice trials and in farmers’ fields.


Amazingly, the most significant value we see from our Genetic Choice Trails is the ability to grow relationships with our customers and co-workers. We started these trials to gain better data but had no idea they would help us showcase our product lineup to so many people in the field in a more exciting way than just a printed handout of the data at the end of the year. Every year, our team of sales representatives, dealers, and customers join us to view our products side by side with other leading genetics in the industry. This opportunity allows each farmer to grow their understanding of our hybrids while building critical relationships with their team members.

While we have expanded our Genetic Choice Trials from 5 states to 15, and from 50 plots to more than 150, the quality of the data continues to improve and the quantity and quality of the relationships with Beck’s corn and people continues to grow, too.

If you have interest in building a deeper relationship with your corn and our sales and product research team, reach out to your local dealer or seed advisor about opportunities near you for a Genetic Choice Trial tour this fall.

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Author: Doug Clouser

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