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CropTalk: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

July 2022

Published on Friday, July 1, 2022

During an interview, I asked seven Beck’s employees the same question: “What makes summer Field Shows so special to Beck’s? All seven employees replied with the same answer. ”It’s the people.”

Every August, Beck’s employees, dealers, customers, farmers, and friends gather together, not by accident, but by choice, at Beck’s Field Shows and Becknology™ Days. Some drive hours, while some drive minutes. Some bring a full bus while others just bring the family. It’s a time to learn together. It’s a time to laugh together. And it’s the perfect time to just be together.

But you don’t just attend a Beck’s Field Show; you experience it. Many pieces have to come together to create that ultimate experience. But the piece that puts it all together? The people.

From the moment you enter the parking lot, you’ll be greeted by employees with contagious, positive attitudes… even at 7:30 in the morning. After registration, a member from the local FFA chapter will hand you a cup of coffee and a donut with the brightest smile.

The tent talks featuring our industry leading PFR team and agronomists offer in-depth knowledge and insights that will help you increase profitability on your farm. Our product team will work side-by-side with you to recommend the right products on the right acres of your farm that will provide you with additional yield, agronomics, and overall performance.

You will learn how to implement PFR strategies to make on-farm decisions by joining a PFR Buggy Tour to see firsthand, in the field experience of PFR research we are conducting. Jim Love will give you a thorough demonstration on how to stay well informed and financially sound when it comes to finding a drone that fits your operation, while the FARMserver® team will help you with all your precision farming needs.

Swing by the Travel and Events booth to say “Hi!” to Felicia the Flamingo and learn more about the exciting opportunities that await you in the Grand Cayman and on the customer trip to Mexico this winter.

Or maybe Scott, Sonny, and Corey Beck will leave you feeling inspired after hearing their President’s Message.

Since 1964, the Beck family has worked hard to ensure farmers leave our Field Shows with more than just product knowledge and agronomic insights. They want you to leave with a feeling… a feeling that you just became a part of something. A feeling that you are now part of Beck’s culture.




But who are the people behind these one-of-a-kind events? The ones that start planning the ultimate Field Show experience eleven months in advance. The people who meet for two hours every week to create the best experience possible. Let’s find out.



01. Mike Mehringer, senior event strategist, is the man behind the magic of all five of our outside Field Shows. He describes them as “a day for community and a day for farmers.” Mike coordinates all the logistics, crafts employee work assignments, leads set up and tear down, and ensures everything runs smoothly on show day.

02. Toby Ripberger, senior event strategist, leads the robust energy that Becknology Days brings to farmers. Toby describes his favorite part of Becknology Days as seeing the three-day event in motion. “I enjoy watching employees, farmers, and members of the community share laughs and make memories. It makes my role at Beck’s not just a job, but an absolute privilege.”

03. Ashley Fischer, marketing communications manager, oversees all marketing communication efforts for Beck’s Field Shows and Becknology Days. Ashley’s role at Field Shows is unique in that she has the opportunity to greet farmers as they make their way through registration. She says, “Beck’s Field Shows are unlike any other event a farmer will ever attend, and I have the honor to be the first touchpoint in that unmatched experience.”

04. Courtney Lilienthal, seed advisor, utilizes her sales experience to support Field Show decisions. “It’s not a sales pitch; it’s sales support. Whether farmers want to place their order for the next season or they have general inquiries about products, we can help them with both,” Courtney explains. At Field Shows, Courtney advises growers, assists with orders, and serves as an agronomic resource to all who attend.

05. Nate Firle, western regional agronomy manager, brings his vast knowledge of agronomy and PFR to Field Show planning meetings and to each event, as he hosts one of our many agronomic-focused tent talks. Nate says, “The interaction we have with farmers is second to none. Farmers can see the PFR research before it hits the page, and that’s a value that can’t be found elsewhere.”

06. Todd Roberts, commitment program manager, diligently works to showcase the value farmers can add to their operation through Beck’s loyalty program, Commitment Rewards. “It’s my job to ensure farmers understand the value these items can bring to their operation,” says Todd.

07. Joe Mangas, technical support specialist, is the guy who keeps the tech in check. “I work with all departments during Field Shows to ensure that the best processes are in place to deliver an exceptional experience,” Joe explains. He manages all software and offers tech support through each show.



Before you even arrive, you’ll have access to a new app that will streamline the entire registration process, starting with preregistration capabilities. This will offer you access to a collection of resources to utilize when planning your day. Are you a Beck’s dealer or a member of our President’s Club? The app will allow you to identify your status and provide a unique experience designed specifically for you.

New for 2022, we’ve added an agronomy panel during all Field Shows and Becknology Days. This new implementation will create a more intimate and engaging atmosphere designed to deliver agronomic insights that fit each show. When attending the President’s Message, you’ll notice new and improved features, with a delivery unlike any other in the past.



Beck’s Field Shows would not be possible without the people behind the scenes. You may not remember what you had for lunch, but you will remember the conversations you shared during that lunch. You may not remember every recommendation an agronomist gave during their talk, but you will remember how Beck’s employees made you feel with their warm smiles and enthusiastic welcomes.

Many pieces have to fall into place to provide you with this ultimate experience, but when those puzzle pieces are put together — it’s a beautiful thing.

There is just one piece that is still missing...YOU.

Help us complete the puzzle. We’ll see you at a 2022 Field Show or Becknology Days.


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