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CropTalk: PFR Insight Meetings: Invest Money to Make Money

December 2021

Published on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

In a high-cost, limited input supply market, where should farmers invest their money? This year’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® Insight Meetings are based on the theme of ‘How to Invest Money to Make Money.’ Sessions that will be included under this new theme are focused on helping farmers make the most profitable and impactful decisions on their operations, for each dollar spent. Under each unique management topic, new study harvest data and PFR Proven™ content will be featured. The spotlight on PFR Proven™ products and practices will tell stories of the knowledge PFR has captured from multiple years and locations of testing. Innovation is key to staying relevant with changes and opportunities in the industry – watch out for what new studies entered the PFR program this past growing season and what has earned the PFR Proven label. Here’s a preview of what content will be shared at the in-person and virtual meetings!



Undoubtedly the most important pass of the season – the planter pass. Evaluating what factors are most yield-limiting or enhancing at planting set the stage for early-season decision-making. Deciding on which calendar planting window to enter the field on has a significant historical yield influence, based on PFR Proven data. Want to learn how to piece together the puzzle for the perfect planter for your fields? Fundamental takeaways from new, on-farm highspeed planting research will be a focus of this talk, covering ExactEmerge™ and SureSpeed®. Planter technologies and equipment that became PFR Proven this year will additionally be discussed on how to improve the planter pass.



With fertilizer prices on the rise, how can nitrogen (N) be managed to meet the Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate (EONR) for your fields? Being cost efficient and effective with nitrogen on the planter and in-season are ways to start. Understanding the environmental conditions your fields face, will help determine which specific N fertilizer works best on your operations. Gaining familiarity with the corn N uptake curve, the soil/atmospheric N cycle, and corn hybrid N response are foundations for investing N the best ways possible. At planting, PFR has done extensive testing with in-furrow and 2x2x2 N starter fertilizer studies. A new study emerged for early-season N testing in 2021 – a dribble application of N fertilizer (on the soil) versus a 2x2x2 application (in the soil). PFR has new Proven stories to tell on anhydrous ammonia placement, depth, and timing for pre-plant N passes. Enhancing the in-season N investment will discuss PFR findings on the relationship of N rates on increased plant populations to managing N with thin stands. The value of split-applications of N through sidedress applications will also be shared. Sidedress additive product Carbon Works CertaiN® became PFR Proven this year on corn. Stay tuned for continuous N research in PFR on new-to-market microbial N products like Envita™ and Source™.




Interested in the hype on Xyway™ fungicide? PFR tested this new flutriafol fungicide in two different studies this year on corn – in a 2x2x2 method and foliar application. Results on Xyway™ trials will be shown at Insight Meetings. This corn fungicide chat will review profitable PFR Proven decisions like application timing, fungicide additives, carrier rate, and water conditioners to improve product uptake and plant nutrition, as well as the best corn growth stage to target for maximizing returns. Products Lucento®, Miravis® Neo, and Harvest More® Urea Mate earned PFR Proven status in 2021 for this category.



Making the most agronomically sound soybean fungicide pass – targeted around the R3 growth stage – is taught in this session. Similar to spraying for profit on corn, the optimal fungicide timing, additives, carrier rates, and conditioners be will explained on soybeans. Lucento®, Miravis Neo®, and Miravis® Top became PFR Proven products on soybeans this year. Additional fungicide timing products BRANDT® Indicate 5®, BRANDT® Smart B-Mo™, and BRANDT® Super 7 were also added to the soybean PFR Proven section.



What small additions can be supplemented to passes that are already being made in the field? Sugar based nutritionals, sulfur products, and other additive products are the essence of additional profits that can be made to those passes. Ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) in the sulfur fertilizer form of Thio-Sul® was tested on both corn and soybeans this year – attend Insight Meetings to get the full scope on those trials! Other small ways to make large impact on soybeans include investigating new for 2021 soybean studies: the 2x2x2 starter fertilizer study and stress mitigation study.



Make sure to sign up for the 2022 FARMserver growth stage modeling notifications! The money-making strategies from PFR will be sent out through the FARMserver notification system. The 2021 PFR Books will be arriving in mailboxes and be available to view on the Beck’s website soon. Reading over the studies will provide you the foundation of profitable strategies planned for the 2022 Insight Meetings. Where on your farm will you be investing money to make money this upcoming planting season?



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