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Published on Friday, July 14, 2017

With their faith and family leading the way, Kelby and Kathie Iverson are building a legacy on their ranch in southern Utah. Both grew up with farming and ranching backgrounds, and are eager to raise their own six children with traditions of hard work and love of the land.

“Our operation is Western Legacy Farm and Ranch. And the way we came up with that name is Kathie and I started our own farm and ranch with little bits and pieces of our family's farm and ranch.” Kelby explains, sitting on the fence outside the family’s home with a proud smile. “So the word legacy kind of represents our heritage. And hopefully making a good name for the previous people.”



“We love what we do. We do it mostly because of our family. To raise these kids in this atmosphere, it’s great.” Kelby continues. The Iverson children work right alongside their parents, moving cattle and shoeing horses. They’re learning responsibility caring for chickens, sheep, goats and horses.



Although the kids keep busy with rodeo and 4-H activities, the Iverson’s children aren’t the only ones who are learning and growing on the ranch. In addition to the crops and cattle they raise, the family opens their farm as ‘agri-tainment’, hosting farm camps, birthday parties, and Halloween festivities.

“We started with a farm camp for kids. We bring kids here, just like soccer camp or football camp. They come here and learn to work, do farm chores, care for animals, and enjoy a snack of fresh produce.” Kathie explains. Older children come out to improve their horsemanship skills at Cowboy Camp.

Hosting so many people requires hours and hours of preparation, but the Iversons are thankful for the opportunity they have to share their way of life with others. “It means a lot to us. It's a huge honor, you can say, when we bring people here and they eat it up. To be able to bring the public here and show them what we do, and not only bringing them here to our farm, but on our social media posts, it's an honor to represent the agriculture community and share the importance of it.” Kathie says.



Giving other people the chance to experience agriculture hands-on is so special, because sometimes words just aren’t enough. “Especially being on the back of a horse out gathering cows, just being in God's creation, even just here at our home, I mean it’s hard to describe.” Kathie beams. “We're just so blessed. Yeah, things happen sometimes that are hard or bad, but God is good and we are so blessed. God's country is just so incredible and we feel so blessed to be able to be a part of it. It keeps us humble, that's for sure.”



“The biggest reason we do this is because we love it, and for our kids. I guess there's a lot of reasons so we could keep going on, but our legacy is a huge part of all of it.” She continues.

“If it's not for God, then we don't have any of this.” Kelby adds.

That’s why Kelby and Kathie Iverson farm.


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