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Beck’s Day Ever: The Ortman Family

Published on Monday, November 15, 2021

Farming is a family business, one full of opportunities but also of challenges and hardships. Families work together, thrive together, succeed together. And when tough times come, they come for the whole family.


No family understands this better than the Beck family and family of employees, who know that sometimes the thing a farm family needs most is a break. Time to be together. To laugh together. One good day to get them ready to face the challenges ahead.


A day off to get ready for what comes next... the Beck’s Day Ever.


Meet the Ortman’s, a farm family from Greensburg, IN. Benji and Darla Ortman just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in August and are longtime customers of Beck’s. In addition to row crops, they also have a cattle operation. Benji and Darla, their son Owen, and their daughters Olivia, Emma, and Sarah are known as a hard-working, no-frills family and are loved by their community.

In the summer of 2019, Benji was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was hospitalized for over a month. After months of travel to Nashville and back for treatment, the Ortman family found out in the summer of 2021 that the clinical trial he was in failed.


“It's been a rough few years, but if it wasn't for my faith and my family, it wouldn't be very easy. I'm appreciative of both, and I know there's a better opportunity waiting for me. I just take it one day at a time. I love to work, and I just keep working and keep fighting. Take it day by day.” – Benji Ortman


For their Beck’s Day Ever, the Ortman’s spent three days in Nashville together, the first vacation they’d taken since 2012. They laughed. They ate. They took in the sights. The road this family will walk is fraught and filled with challenges, but everyone at Beck’s hopes the chance to get away and make new memories will fill them for what’s to come and provide some much-needed togetherness after all they’ve been through.


“The whole family deserves. The kids, this is an opportunity for them to make more memories with their dad. And to me, that was important to have that, give them that chance because that's what they have.” – Beck’s Regional Agronomy Manager and Friend to the Ortmans


Farming, like life, is a family business, and from our family to the Ortmans and yours, we hope you take some time to enjoy those moments that leave lasting impressions... your Becks Day Ever.


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