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Looking Past the Numbers

Look Who's Turning 40

Published on Monday, March 31, 2014

I know nobody is going to believe it, but I just recently turned 40. You are probably thinking, surely he is way older than 40, isn’t he? But my wife decorated my office with the normal black balloons and other paraphernalia that is supposed to make you feel old, so I am sure it was my 40th. Although it didn’t work as I feel much younger physically than I did 10 years ago when I turned 30. I mentioned in an earlier blog how I had lost some weight recently, and I am much more active than I was a year or two ago, so physically I feel much younger on my 40th birthday than I have on my last several birthdays.


So in honor of being “Over the Hill”, how about reminiscing a little bit about my journey up it? I will admit that turning 40 has made me think about various times throughout my life. From childhood activities, to days in high school and college, there were many fond memories that I could think about when turning a milestone age such as 40. And there is also my married life that is a blessing every day. What great memories I have from the last 14 years of married life that I can think about on my birthday.

Technically though, this blog is about the Research department turning 40. We have two new employees, Ross and Taylor, that will be starting their careers with Beck’s on a full time basis very soon. They are employees 39 and 40 in the research department.

While reminiscing about different things throughout my life, I thought back to my starting date here at Beck’s. When I started back in December of 1996 I was in the 30s as an employee number (for the whole company). To think that we now have 40 employees in just the research department alone is staggering to think about.

When I first started in research, I was one of THREE full time research employees. Today, that number is now how many full time research employees we have located in El Paso, IL alone. Our Biotech Building and Greenhouse Facility here in Atlanta has five full time employees working on trait integration and other high level projects. The product team (which I am a part of) has five full time members, and Dr. Cavanaugh that works as a part of the team while also leading the overall research department. Several other divisions of research have three or more people that serve in those areas today.

To think that the research department has grown from one office and three employees to to several buildings, and a total of 40 employees serving at four sites (with additional sites happening shortly) does certainly make me appreciate the growth our customers have allowed the company to enjoy. I fully realize that the growth in the overall company and the research department would not be possible without our customers, and the Beck family.

In both my life and career in the Beck’s Research Department, turning 40 is a definite blessing. It is amazing how God can help you realize the blessings in such a manner. Turning a calendar year older (especially a milestone type birthday), led me to think back about my career in the research department. This reminiscing session led me to think about just how much the department has grown, not only in numbers but in scope and quality. The level of professionalism across our entire department (company too) is a moment that makes my chest swell with pride. It is definitely a great feeling turning 40.

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Carlee Glassburn

4/8/2014 3:11 PM

Happy Belated Birthday, friend!



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