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Published on Monday, May 02, 2016

This has been a very rewarding spring turkey season for me. I only had limited time to hunt but I have turkey breast to eat and lots of new memories. Good friends like Les Semar, Bob Cowman, JD Stevenson, Collin Brunstein and Lexi Stevenson all got nice birds as well. But by far the biggest highlight of this season came back in February when longtime friend, Les Semar called me with a very special invitation. 

For the past couple of years, Les and his brother Scott have been involved with the Southeast Missouri Chapter of Hope Outdoors, an organization dedicated to facilitating events and providing hunting opportunities to kids who would otherwise likely never get the chance to experience the outdoors, much less actually get to go hunting. I did some quick research on Hope Outdoors and felt like this was a worthwhile effort in which to help out. Mostly, I just trusted Les that if he supported it I should, too.

I traveled to southeast Missouri for the youth turkey season to film the youngster that Les was to guide. I had no idea what I was in for nor how gratifying the trip would be. When I arrived, I was quickly introduced to the two outstanding young men that head-up the Southeast Missouri Chapter of Hope Outdoors. Houston Meyer and is brother, Jake lead a very impressive team of volunteers whose sole purpose for three days was to make the 18 hunters and their families as happy and as comfortable as possible. I will say right now that they did an OUTSTANDING job and they deserve a ton of praise for their efforts.

Houston Meyer and his lucky young hunter at the 2016 Missouri hunt.

Hope Outdoors is a non-denominational Christian outdoor ministry that partners with caring organizations and churches across the nation to facilitate hope through outdoor activities. Their outreach is directed to those men, women and children who may be ill or disabled, and in need of a little help and brotherly love to see their outdoor passions fulfilled. Some are looking to be re-introduced into an activity they once loved, while others are discovering a new and exciting way to live life to its fullest.

Their partners in hope help them provide opportunities where dreams can become reality. If you are looking for a blessed and effective way to touch the lives of those less fortunate, your help is greatly needed. The greatest qualities that we can possess are faith, hope and compassion. When a child or adult encounters a critical illness, or their life changes because of a severe disability, faith and hope can become compromised. Using compassion as a primary channel, the volunteers at Hope Outdoors know that people can become restored through a quality outdoor experience. This in turn facilitates hope and a brighter prospective on life. Developing national partnerships will allow individuals and families coast to coast the opportunity to know firsthand that God loves them and cares about them. And that there is indeed hope.

My time spent with Hope Outdoors this spring was amazing. I am now actively looking for churches, groups and individuals in Indiana, Iowa and Illinois to begin organizing local chapters. The entire staff of Hope Outdoors and I stand ready to help you get started. Look them up online at




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