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CropTalk: Rev Up Your Soybean Protection

April 2020

Published on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Beck’s continues to partner with technology companies to put our customers at an advantage when it comes to choices. Traditionally, that message refers to the diversity of traits offered in the Beck’s lineup. In 2020, we’ve added an opportunity for Beck’s customers to access the latest in plant health fungicide protection and weed control.

Revytek™ fungicide from BASF is new to the marketplace in 2020. Pre-commercial testing shows that Revytek delivers both preventative and curative action against some of the most devastating soybean diseases like frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot, target spot, and Asian soybean rust. Revytek fungicide contains a unique active ingredient, Revysol® fungicide, which is the first and only isopropanol azole. Revysol fungicide delivers broader, stronger, longer disease control. The unique molecular structure provides stronger binding, rainfast performance, and excellent efficacy. The unique isopropanol azole molecule has a reinforced isopropanol link, giving it the ability to flex to various conformations and fight a broad spectrum of disease and resistant strains.

Beck’s is partnering with BASF to bring the RevX Fields program to you. Beck’s customers buying at least 450 units of soybeans in the Beck's Freedom Plus® Series, which features the LibertyLink® GT27™ trait, are eligible to participate in the RevX Fields program. As a farmer, you commit at least 40 acres to the Revytek test. You’ll compare the 40-acre test area to an adjacent 40 acres that you leave untreated or spray with a different fungicide. In the test area, you agree to use Zidua® herbicide and Revytek fungicide and to share important data like your field boundary, application boundary, and yield results in the treated and untreated area. In return, BASF will reimburse you the cost of the Revytek fungicide, and provide NDVI and Spatial Yield analytics imagery. BASF benefits from your real-world, on-farm data, and you have the benefit of trying the newest fungicide with no product cost.



The Liberty® herbicide weed control guarantee means that if farmers meet the S.T.O.P. Application Guidelines, BASF guarantees acceptable weed control. The S.T.O.P. guidelines, listed below, are common sense weed control strategies that many farmers already practice.

If following the S.T.O.P. guidelines and using Liberty herbicide does not provide adequate control for the weed species on the label, then BASF will provide payments toward respray assistance.

Pairing these two programs can provide a powerful portfolio of tools for customers planting Freedom Plus soybeans. Beck’s Freedom Plus soybeans are available in relative maturities from 0.5 to 4.7. There are more details for each of the programs than mentioned here, so it is important to have a conversation with your Beck’s dealer and to check the detailed information on Beck’s website under the “soybeans” tab. Speak with your local Beck’s dealer or seed advisor to enroll in these partner programs.

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