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Published on Monday, March 9, 2015

This time of the year, seed is being delivered and field by field product placement is taking place with the last tweaks to where and to what product is being planted. I’ve spent a lot of time in the office creating variable rate prescriptions and putting planting books together. Product placement is crucial so as we approach planting, I like to make sure that we are on the same page as to where each product needs planted.

Of course, since the weather holds the trump card in farming, my daily tasks are always subject to change. One day I may be attending an educational meeting and the next I may be visiting with current customers and prospecting for new ones. That windshield time, which can be a lot, gives me time to think. After thinking about the important and serious matters of life, my thoughts always seem to find a way around to the humorous things that don’t really matter, but make life a little more fun.

I don’t know if you travel enough to visit multiple truck stop gas stations, but I certainly have. I always look forward to the stop. I try and make it a point to stop at a Pilot or other truck stops like this instead of a small gas station. I do this for one simple reason…You see, truck stops offer way more than just gas, snacks and drinks. They usually have a restaurant or two. And they sell all of those awesome souvenir items that we all would like to take home to our kids. Here are a few favorites I’ve noticed. These are in no certain order.

Truck stops are all about the camo. I’m a hunter too and love camo! But, it seems that some of the silliest camo shirts for guys show up at truck stops. And then, some of the most “in your face, I’m a girl that can hunt” type of shirts find their way there too. Also, Duck Dynasty memorabilia and camo beer coozies. They can camo about anything at a truck stop. You can even get your 5 Hour Energy in camo! 


There’s just something special about those “horse/unicorn/any other creature on earth” clocks that can show up lacquered to the hilt on an odd shaped piece of wood. When I look at them, I always come up with only one simple word. Who came up with this?


Next, BEEF JERKY! Truck stops are known for their beef jerky. You cannot call yourself a jerky lover and simply walk on by. They sell flavors of beef jerky that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


And then there are the spoons. Spoons are sold at every truck stop in America. You can get them with all kinds of cool stuff on them. Elvis’ face, a horse, a wolf head, lots of dolphins, and of course… camo.


If you are lacking magnets for your fridge and couldn’t find them at your local “Everything Mart”, just go to the nearest truck stop. The only down side? You will pretty much only find magnets of states. Well… and an occasional eagle, wolf, horse, rabbit, or camouflage unicorn. 


And finally, the wolf. This is a classic! I’ve seen wolves on t-shirts, on blankets, as the top of a walking stick, on magnets and on those gigantic pencils too! Simply one of my favorites!


In everything I write about, I always like to include a life lesson. This one is simple. There is humor all around us. We all walk into these places on a regular basis. Are you so much in a hurry that your face is laser-locked onto the coffee bar or the 128 oz. Mega cup with your name on it? Come on! Smile. If you can’t slow down I understand. But, lift your eyes and look for that truck stop thingy that makes you chuckle.

A chuckle a day keeps the stress at bay. There are other places that can give you a laugh, but for me, I can always be assured that the local truck stop will never let me down. Give it a try. Get your “truck stop wolf” on. It’ll brighten your day.

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Dave Schrock

3/9/2015 7:03 PM

that is so true ! I Luv truckstops too. And now I know why "hey I'm running a few minutes late" is so common 😊 just kidding

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