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A Great Day of Reaping and Sowing

Published on Monday, November 3, 2014

Very rarely can you have a great day of both reaping and sowing. I suppose there are some days in late June and early July where you can cut a wonderful crop of wheat, and then turn around and put in some double crop soybeans into perfect conditions. Or there are probably a few days in the fall where soybeans are coming out and wheat is going in.

But none of these agricultural examples can live up to the amazing day of reaping and sowing I was exposed to this weekend. You see, my coworker Kevitt Brown’s funeral was on Saturday in Lafayette, IN. I have known Kevitt for a few years and even a little before he starting working here at Beck’s. Even though I have been around him for a while, I realized at the funeral that I didn’t truly know him.


Kevitt was a corn breeder for several years and the last few have been spent with Beck’s. Most of my conversations with Kevitt revolved around developing new corn inbreds and what inbred combinations might make the most exciting corn hybrids. Even though Kevitt worked here for a few years, he has been battling cancer for a big portion of the time, so the actual times we got to speak to one another were fairly limited.

In attending the funeral, my eyes were so opened as to the amazing amount of people Kevitt touched throughout his life. And most of the people I saw didn’t even know the part of Kevitt that I knew. They did not know that he was a corn breeder, and they did not know about inbreds or hybrids or many of the things we discuss on a daily basis.

These people I met today were his friends, loved ones, and fellow followers of Jesus.

Kevitt had an amazing impact on the lives of the people around him at his church, through his family, and especially his willingness to reach out and share his faith. It is amazing for such an extrovert (like me) to think about how it must be for introverts to share their faith. Kevitt was an introvert, but you certainly would not know it when it came to his sharing his love for Jesus and his love for helping others learn about Jesus.

In addition to serving in his church in Lafayette, Kevitt and his wife Sara also had a passion for working with Hispanic ministries. Kevitt used Purdue University as an outreach to work with international students. I did not know this about Kevitt until now, but I am not surprised as he has a love for travel and had been to probably as many countries as anyone I had ever met.

Today was a day of reaping, as one of God’s awesome witnesses was laid to rest. Today was also an awesome day of sowing, as his story of witness and humility was told by those who truly knew him. In all my days of agriculture I will never witness such a bumper crop as I did on Saturday. Thank you to Kevitt and those who shared in his memorial for making such an impact in my life and others who were in attendance.

If you would like to learn more about the life and family of Kevitt Brown, you can read his obituary here:

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