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Published on Monday, June 30, 2014

Well I didn’t really know how to spell the title of my blog, but I wanted it to sound very much like the excited television announcer announcing a world cup soccer game. I recently watched my first world cup match (well okay, I watched about 20 minutes of the over 90 minute match) and was very excited when the U.S. scored a late goal and came out with the victory.

I watched the soccer match in my basement while on the treadmill. In addition to wondering when the next goal would be scored, I constantly looked at a quote on the wall above my television (my wife is very fitness oriented and also likes to have inspirational quotes in our exercise room). The quote is – “GOALS are DREAMS with DEADLINES”. In the past, I didn't think too much about that quote as generally I have not dreamed about working out or running on the treadmill. Since the Beck Trek has started on June 16, I have definitely thought a little more about goals (especially those relating to treadmill work and fitness in general).

The Beck Trek is a fitness challenge  currently going on at Beck’s and it is all about getting steps during the day. I have thought a little bit about my goals for the Beck Trek as it is a team competition with some individual recognition as well. From my last blog you may remember that if there is a competition taking place, I will generally pay attention and even participate. One of my goals was to hit a bigger day stepwise than my biggest day in last year’s challenge (I haven’t done that yet, but we are only a week into the eight week challenge). A team goal is to compete well and potentially have a chance at the end for a top three finish. 

                 One of my record days for most steps from last year's Beck Trek health challenge.

The most poignant example of a goal that has come out of my Beck Trek experience so far has come from conversations with other participants in the challenge. Several times the competitor in me has been curious as to how many steps others have been getting in a particular day. A new perspective came about just yesterday when speaking with a first time participant and someone who was not interested in talking about winning the challenge. This individual was interested in getting more fit and potentially getting more steps than what they would have without the challenge.

Man, had I become so overwhelmed in trying to compete and potentially win something that I had forgotten what these fitness challenges are supposed to be about. Getting to know your teammates goals, your competitor’s goals and setting your own fitness goals should come first before the competitive juices start to flow. When asked by this coworker what my goals for the Beck Trek were, it reminded me where I was this time last year.  During last year’s Beck Trek, I was just trying to get more steps for the challenge while the whole time I was actually getting fitter. You see, during the Beck Trek was when I was losing weight at some of the fastest pace I had done during my whole weight loss journey. Maybe if I had been focused on the actual goal of weight loss and fitness, it could have even been better than just focusing on getting more steps for the competition.

Whether we are talking about agriculture where our goals might be more yield, higher profitability, more acres, less expenses, or better grain marketing, it is important to think what we actually should be aiming toward. Similarly with sports such as a soccer match, the goal might be to survive a tough match and remain healthy enough to compete in a later round versus going all out to win a specific match. In life we can focus on building others up even amongst competitive or stressful situations. Thank you to the very excited soccer announcer, the Beck Trek, and of course this recent refocusing conversation for helping me to analyze what goals are truly important.

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