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Published on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Like many involved in agriculture, Brain Scott considers working on his family’s Indiana farm his passion. When he’s not working in the field with his dad, grandpa, or sons, he’s sharing his love for the lifestyle through The Farmer’s Life videos and blogs.


Although he grew up on the farm, spending time away is what helped him realize how important farming was to him. After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in soil and crop management, Brian had a retail management position at Rural King for several years.



“People are making their kids go do something else before they come back. I did that on my own, but now that I did it, I think I would tell my kids that you should. If you think this is what you’ve always wanted to do, go do something else for a year or two just to make sure, then come back.”


Brian is thankful to be back on the farm, but there are still parts of his job that aren’t very fun. “I do not particularly enjoy picking up rocks. Although, I did have a moment a couple years ago where we were picking up rocks on a really nice day and I thought, ‘This is still probably better than a few years ago when I’d sit at my desk and try to keep up with emails on my Blackberry from the corporate office.’ There’s none of that when you’re walking around in a field on a spring day picking up rocks.”


Along with being outside and applying his agronomy knowledge, Brian appreciates the chance to improve that comes with each season. “One thing about it is you’ll never get it all right in one year, so you’re always trying again.” He explains.


The Scotts raise soybeans, dent corn, waxy corn and popcorn. They don’t have the livestock that Brain grew up with, but the different types of corn help the farm diversify.



Now Brian has two sons of his own, having them riding along reminds him of his own childhood. This spring, Matthew, Brian’s six-year-old son planted for the first time. “He’s ready to do more next year.” Brian smiles. “We worked on the combine this fall. He’s excited. He thinks he’s famous now because he had a big video on Facebook. That’s a farm we rent that’s in the video, but we’ve farmed it since 1984 or something like that. We treat it like any of our other fields so there are memories of my childhood out there and Matthew is going to have some too.”


“There didn't used be two seats in all the tractors, so that’s one of my earliest tractor memories is the field right at the home farm. When we used to have hogs, Grandpa would spread the manure.” Brian recalls. “I’d sit on the armrest, and like every farm kid, my head would bounce off the window and Grandpa would listen to Paul Harvey on the radio.”



Things have changed since Brian’s days sitting on the arm rest. The equipment has GPS, passengers ride comfortably in the buddy seat, and now Brian is the driver. He has found his passion.


“I love farming. I had to leave for about six years to know that. It’s hard to find the words, but it’s where I’m supposed to be, I know. I don’t think of it as a job. I hardly ever get stressed out. When I’m not working, I think about it and that’s okay. In my old job, when I was thinking about work when I wasn’t at work, that was stress. It’s a lifestyle as much as a career. It’s the freedom to take your own destiny in your hands and bring your family along with you.”


That’s why Brian Scott farms.


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