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A Closer Look at Closing Wheels

Published on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Join Beck's PFR team in London, OH as they discuss one of PFR's most popular and asked about studies...the Corn Closing Wheel Trial.

The portion of the field this study is conducted in is not tiled, creating tight clay soils. These are excellent soil conditions to truly put the different closing wheel combinations to the test. In 2017, Beck’s PFR team in Ohio is testing a control (2 rubber closing wheels) against 4 different closing wheel combinations including Schaffert Manufacturing Zipper and Mohawk Closing Wheels, the Copperhead Ag Furrow Cruisers, and the Yetter Poly Spike closing wheels.

Check out this video to learn more about these closing wheel setups and what results the team is seeing.


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Author: Jim Schwartz

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Jim Schwartz

Jim Schwartz

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3 comments on article "PFR Report"

Charles Elgin

7/6/2017 6:18 AM

Did you do any studies combining 1 aggressive closing wheel paired with a standard rubber wheel on the other side.

I used a Yetter Poly Spike on one side and noticed like you were talking that when the ground is "right", it looks like you "sewed" the seed into the ground.

Good Info--that's why I buy Becks!

Jim Schwartz

7/6/2017 1:57 PM

Hi Charles, yes we do. Here are the pages where you can find the studies. Thanks for your support!

1 Martin Spade & 1 Solid – Page 124 of 2016 PFR Book

1 Yetter Spike & 1 Solid – Page 270 of 2016 PFR Book

1 Yetter Spike & 1 Solid – Page 327 of 2016 PFR Book

Eric Rennekamp

1/18/2018 11:07 AM

Thanks Becks! Just ordered the Yetter Poly Spikes based on the PFR data. Can’t wait to get them in the field this spring.

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