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Published on Friday, April 21, 2017

Planting has commenced and the corn markets are still down. That being said, many farmers are looking for ways to increase their corn yields without hurting their bottom line. One solution many have turned to is the use of a soil amendment product. Such products have shown to help corn crops develop deeper, strong root systems throughout the growing season and higher yields at harvest.

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® started testing soil amendment products in an effort to provide farmers with the data and information they needed to make the most informed decisions when purchasing these crop performance inputs. One such product is Wex®, a soil amendment product made by Conklin.

Wex® is a multipurpose wetting agent that maximizes the effectiveness of pre-plant, pre-emergent and some post-emergent liquid-applied fertilizer and pesticides with improved suspension. It’s exclusive nutrient-related action (NRA) technology is designed to stimulate root development and improve water and nutrient absorption.

While results varied across the three PFR sites that tested Wex in 2016, mid-season differences such as increased root growth were observed in corn crops where Wex had been applied when compared to the control.


Data from the last two years across multiple locations has shown a +4.99/A. average return on investment (ROI). In 2016, Beck’s PFR site in southern Illinois saw the greatest success with Wex with a $6.73/A. ROI increase and a yield increase of over 3 Bu./A.

The PFR team will continue testing this product in 2017 to determine its ability to stimulate root development, improve water and nutrient uptake, and increase yield and profitability.

To see the regional results of this study, click the links below.

Wex® is a registered trademark of Conklin Company, Inc.

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