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Published on Thursday, May 4, 2017

It’s common knowledge that when one interviews for a full-time position, an internship with a reputable company is seen as an asset. An internship experience is valuable because it means that someone else has taken the time to show them the ropes. Someone else in the business community has coached this person to show up on time, take direction, work as a member of a team, follow through, and stay on task. With a foundation like that, we can dive right into how Beck’s does business and their role on their first day as a full time employee.


2015 interns with Sonny Beck.


One of my duties at Beck’s is to coordinate our college intern program. Ironically, this makes me much more popular on college campuses now than I ever was as a professor or student. smiley

We hire our interns in the fall and it isn’t unusual for us to make decisions about how many interns we will hire the next summer in August, before our current interns have even left to go back to school. Every year we decide “is this position for an intern, or summer help?” There is an important difference between a summer worker and an intern. Both interns and summer workers get job experience- they have to show up on time, take direction from a manager, and learn how to complete tasks in a timely manner. Both interns and summer workers build professional networks. The distinguishing factor is that interns receive formal professional development. 


2016 interns spend time with Sonny and Scott during the Professional Development workshop.


Professional Development for full-time employees is a central focus of the Human Resources Department at Beck’s. Our goal is to equip the workforce with the tools they need to be successful in their current position, and also help them to grow within our company. For the interns, this comes in the form of a two-day professional development workshop here in Atlanta. We focus on leadership, our Attitudes and Actions, and what steps to take to become more successful in their careers. Each intern also takes ownership of a project. This project is completed throughout the summer and presented to all of the managers and leadership team at the conclusion of their internship. 


5,980 pounds’ worth of interns at the 2016 Professional Development Workshop.


A Beck’s internship is a window into our company for young people – giving them a foothold and experience that they can use to build their career. It also gives us a chance to get to know a potential employee and grow a relationship that might go on for decades. Interns are a source of energy, enthusiasm, and new ideas, as well as brand ambassadors on college campuses – representing Beck’s long after the summer is over. The internship program is also a great training tool for future managers in our company.

Over the next two weeks, 32 students from 16 universities will join Beck’s as college interns. The training is scheduled and the mentors have meaningful projects outlined for each of them. The interns will work across nine different states and various departments across our company including: research, sales, marketing, IS, safety, and production. Will there be a few mistakes, opportunities for mentorship and coaching in the next few months? Absolutely. But we are working to build the foundation for their careers and there’s no better time than the present to get to work. 

If you are interested in an internship with Beck’s, please check our career page in early September to learn where we will be recruiting.



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