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What Does it Take to Raise 400 Bushel Corn?

Published on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In this latest PFR report, PFR Agronomist Travis Burnett, introduces an exciting new project going on at the Indiana PFR site for 2017. PFR is centered around practical farming practices that will help farmers increase profitability on their farm. But we also dedicate studies to high-yielding management practices. 

Water management has been identified as yield limiting in this area when chasing these high yields. With the help of AGREM LLC,  Beck's Indiana PFR team has created a "High Yield Center" where we will continue to test new, outside-of-the-box, management practices that will help us raise higher yields than ever before. 

Join Travis and Jeremy Meiners from AGREM, LLC as they detail this exciting new study.




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Author: Travis Burnett

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Travis Burnett

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Bill Rohloff

2/1/2017 5:37 PM

With the quality of Becks hybrids this should be an achievable goal and I can appreciate the fact that the environment is being taken into account with excess nitrates that could otherwise leach into the groundwater. Very responsible. Go Becks!

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