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360 Bullet™ vs. Traditional Ripper Points

Published on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Travis Burnett, Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® Agronomist, introduces a new project in which Beck’s production team conducted side-by-side comparisons of ripper points. Check out this video to learn more about the 360 Bullet and hear from Stephanie Smith, Regional Agronomy Manager for 360 Yield Center, as she shares how unique design of this ripper point can improve root penetration and access to nutrients in the soil. 

Watch the video to learn more. 


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Author: Travis Burnett

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Travis Burnett

Travis Burnett

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4 comments on article "PFR Report"

Kurtis Spengler

12/7/2016 6:05 PM

What kind of added HP requirement per shank would you say these require over a non winged tip?

Travis Burnett

12/14/2016 4:28 PM

Hi Kurtis, thanks for your question. 360 Yield Center claims the 360 BULLET has similar horsepower requirements, compared to traditional ripper points. Soil type, and depth of tillage both would affect how much horsepower requirements would increase. In our testing, both in PFR and on seed production acres, we would estimate a 5-10% increase in horsepower requirements in our clay based soils at a depth of 15 inches.

Robert Pear (Pear Farms)

12/8/2016 3:48 PM

Have DMI 2500 ripper, 5 shank, point cost, increased hp to pull compared to 7in point. Where to purchace?

Travis Burnett

12/14/2016 4:49 PM

Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. You can contact your local 360 Yield Center Dealer at this link for pricing and availability.

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