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Trips: Not Just The Places You Go, But The Memories You Make

Published on Monday, March 17, 2014

Sometimes the life of a traveling seed salesman takes me to places on back roads, meeting interesting people along the way (which I love). But, sometimes you just have to get out of here and take a break. This winter has taken me to a few places that one could say were, uhhh…. pretty much polar opposites of one another.

This winter I was fortunate to have gone with friends and Beck’s dealers to the beautiful island of St. Kitts. We stayed in the gorgeous Marriott Resort on the Atlantic side of the island. Just a short walk down the road and I was able to do a little scuba and snorkeling in the Caribbean. Prior to this trip I’d never even heard of St. Kitts.

Who doesn’t need a little trip to the sun, sand, and warm weather, every now and then?

                                On the Atlantic side, I must say, the waves were impressive.

There’s nothing like a massage on the beach. My excuse as to why I needed this was simple. I drive a lot for my job! I explained to the nice gal who was giving the massage that it was about -20o actual temperature back at home. She really couldn’t even comprehend the thought of that.


Overall, it was a great trip! And I must admit, I thought about staying. But, I had to get back so that I could leave in two days and take a group of about 15 customers south to Florida on an alligator and wild hog hunt at GatorQuest.

Relaxation on an island and then alligator hunting in Florida seem a bit different but they always say that variety is the spice of life!


If you remember, I went there back in October to check the place out for this very trip. This time I decided to take a seat on the back of a 10’ gator. How often will I get to do that? I had to seize that opportunity, as did most of our group.
                                      Judging from the looks of this picture, from a hunting point
                                                                         of view, this trip was wildly successful.

This is a picture of one of the gang and his gator that could be perhaps the largest gator ever taken at GatorQuest!


That’s Manny Puig on the right. Manny is a TV personality that is a joy to be around. If you’ve never heard of Manny, you have to check out some of these links. Manny has been featured on several TV shows and is basically the real life Tarzan of our time.

The Outdoor Channel - Manny Puig
Alligator out of the Swamp - Manny Puig
Gator in the Swamp Feat -Manny Puig

Although both trips were completely different, they both had one common denominator… friends. I had a great time in St. Kitts getting back in touch with old friends in a setting where we could really relax and be ourselves. The pressures of life sometimes cause us to not take the time for what matters most, people and relationships.

I didn’t put a gun or a bow in my hand on this trip, but I must say that this was the most memorable hunting trip I’ve ever been on. I was blessed to witness fathers and sons bonding in a way that only a trip like this allows for. You realize that cell phones, e-mails, text messages, and all the electronic devices meant to help us be more efficient with our time and make our lives simpler, really just serve to detach us from what matters most, people. Yes, we may be more in touch through those various technological advances, but nothing will ever take the place of face to face relationship.


This is where real life takes place. Only when we spend time together do real memories get made. How many wonderful memories ever came through in an e-mail? I’m guessing not many as compared to the time spent with friends and family. 

                 Joey Woodruff and Craig Rogers, employees of Beck’s Hybrids, joined me on this trip
                            and really made it all possible, serving our customers and friends from the heart.

Time was also spent around the bonfire making new friends and learning from each other.


I would greatly encourage you to put your cell phone down and do the same. You don’t have to go to an island or to the middle of the woods to do this. You simply have to take the time. Sometimes you get to bask for a while in such a memorable time and sometimes you don’t. I came back from these two weeks to a kitchen ruined from a leaking pipe. The insurance company is replacing all of my flooring and kitchen cabinets. Oh well! I am choosing to look at that differently this time.


Yes, I came back to a mess. But, I also came back to my precious twin granddaughters that, as any grandparent knows, are a blessing from God. So until next time, I challenge you. Count your blessings instead of your texts.

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2 comments on article "Field Stories"


3/17/2014 5:57 PM

Very well said, Ryan. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Dave Schrock

4/10/2014 6:46 AM

Nice blog my friend and thanks for allowing us to be part of the gator trip it was awesome awesome time

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