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Protect Your Corn from Yield Robbing Pests

Published on Thursday, June 23, 2016

Protecting corn from yield-robbing pests is one of the greatest concerns for farmers each year. From late June to mid-July these pests include foliar diseases and silk clipping insects. Properly managing these pests is crucial, and we can start by getting a better understanding of the economic and agronomic factors of each specific field. 

It is imperative to be out scouting fields before, during and after pollination to evaluate the disease and insect pressure. Before making a decision to treat a field with fungicide, there are four key points to consider:

  1. How tolerant is my hybrid to disease and how responsive is it to a fungicide?

  2. Where is the disease present on the plant?

  3. Which diseases are affecting the plant?

  4. Are the field and/or weather environments conducive to further disease infection?

The chart below details the disease score and response to fungicide of ten different hybrids.

Click Chart to Enlarge 

As always, if you have questions on specific hybrids or would like your fields scouted, please contact your local dealer or agronomist.

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