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Press Release: Beck’s Expands Kansas Territory, Adds Central and Western Counties

Press Release

Published on Monday, October 3, 2022

Atlanta, Ind. – Beck’s, the largest family-owned retail seed company, and the third-largest seed brand in the United States, delivers on the promise to help Kansas farmers succeed by expanding its marketing area to encompass the entire state. This expansion adds 4 million acres of corn and 1.8 million acres of soybeans to the current sales territory in the eastern third of Kansas where Beck’s has served farmers for more than six years.

“As we move west, we have witnessed an increase in farmers who value the personal relationship of working one-on-one with a family-owned seed company,” says Scott Beck, president of Beck’s. “We are excited to work with more Kansas farmers to share our knowledge and research insights, product diversity and recommendations, and offer ways to multiply their working capital through our reward program.”

Area team leader Norm Hancock, regional agronomy manager Scott Dickey, seed advisors Christopher Bertelsen, Kalen Cromwell, Cailynn Fedorkowicz, Cody Graham, Gary Hill, Mitchell Hisle, Daniel Kelly, Cody Schwartz, and agronomists Wilson Henry and Celena Kipping will support this growth into the central and western regions. As Beck’s expands, they are committed to adding more employees and dealers to provide its customers with exceptional localized service.

Stewart Koehn, a third-generation farmer of Burns, Kansas said, “One of the main reasons that attracted me to Beck’s was their faith and commitment to honoring God. As I began to explore, I was impressed with their superior genetics. There is no comparison in terms of the customer experience and yield performance in my area. The level of support from this seed company is unbelievable.”

Beck’s facilities in Effingham, Illinois and Goehner, Nebraska will serve as the distribution and sales support locations for Kansas farmers. The Goehner and Effingham locations also conduct Practical Farm Research (PFR) ® studies. Beck’s PFR evaluates the latest management practices and technologies to determine how they will perform in varying field conditions. The purpose is to provide farmers with unbiased agronomic insights proven to increase profitability. Sonny Beck, CEO at Beck’s, started conducting Beck’s PFR studies in 1964 to help farmers succeed.

Furthermore, Beck’s Genetic Choice Trials highlight the products that produce higher yields for Kansas farmers as researchers choose hybrids specific to Kansas environments. This separate research program gives Beck’s farmers a tailored list of high-performing products from multiple genetic suppliers at every relative maturity date, taking the guesswork out of selection. Beck’s is the only seed company offering Kansas farmers this level of genetic diversity due to their strong relationships with genetic suppliers and their own corn breeding program.

For more information about Beck’s history, products, services, and dealer network, visit or call 800.937.2325. To contact Norm Hancock, call 812.206.3662.


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Beck's- Farmers At Heart® - revolutionized the customer seed buying experience by remaining true to a foundation built on faith, family, and farming. Founded in 1937, Beck's appreciates the farmers who have helped them become the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand in the United States. The Beck family is now in its fifth generation of family members who work in the business to honor God and help farmers succeed. The Beck family and team of employees help farmers achieve success from generation to generation through authentic customer experiences, product diversity, seed quality, and performance. With a home office located in Atlanta, Ind., Beck's serves farmers throughout the Midwest and Mid-South. For more information about Beck's, visit Follow Beck's on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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