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CropTalk: PFR Harvest: Excitement and Prep

September 2022

Published on Thursday, September 1, 2022

Like most farmers, Beck’s PFR Team eagerly looks forward to harvest! Teamwork, some long days and nights, and data collection throughout the growing season and harvest all go into our annual PFR Book and exhibit everyone’s hard work! I recently spoke with teammates from each of our PFR sites to learn what they are most excited about and how they prepare for harvest!



“Harvest has always been my favorite time of the year. It’s a time to reap the rewards of the hard work we put in during spring and summer. This fall, I am most excited to see what products and practices will become PFR Proven™. Indiana PFR is locked and loaded for harvest ‘22 with the combine ready to rock and roll. The 1,600 field signs we put up this summer will be taken down, and then all that is left to do is enjoy the sunsets from the combine cab!”



“We are excited to see the results of this year’s studies after observing and recording visual differences throughout the growing season, knowing that in the end, bushels are what matter. The studies we are most excited about include the Nitrogen Placement Study - 2x2x2 vs. Dribble, the Xyway™ LFR® Study, and our Planting Date Studies. Preparations will include finalizing plots and harvest sheets, calibrating moisture testers and weigh wagons, finishing up any late-season scouting, and remembering to prioritize safety. We also coordinate with the local FFA chapter to help us pull down our signs and posts!”



“I’m just excited about harvest in general; it’s my favorite time of year. Even with the dry conditions we experienced this year, I can’t wait to see which products and practices we tested helped mitigate that stress. With delays in getting into fields this spring, we took that time to prepare everything for harvest. We just need to take down our signs from the Field Show and do some calibrations.”



“We get excited about harvest every year because it’s the final stage for each study, and we finally get to see how the hard work and fruits of our labor turn out. The studies we are most excited about this year include the Water Management Studies (due to the nature of the season we’ve experienced), our new Tire Pressure Studies, and the Short Corn Study, which evaluates carrier rate impact compared to a regular corn field. After Field Shows are complete, we will begin pulling down signs and printing harvest sheets in preparation for the combine!”




“We can’t wait to see the harvest data from the On-Farm - Ground Rig vs. Plane vs. Drone Fungicide Study, the Phantom Yield Loss Study, our Micronutrient Y-DROP Study, the Nitrogen Systems Study, and the Planting Date Study - 15 in. vs. 30 in. Rows. Our preparations for harvest will include determining plot harvest order, selling grain for fall delivery, reviewing scouting notes, and walking plots to ensure quality data for harvest.”



This will be the first harvest for the Nebraska team! “We’re excited to pick the 15 in. vs. 20 in. rows to compare yield data. We are also ensuring weeds are taken care of to eliminate any effects in data at harvest!”



“Harvest is my favorite time of year. I really enjoy seeing all our hard work pay off. I’m most excited about having a scale system in the grain tank of our combine, which is currently getting installed! This will not only improve our data quality but also improve harvest efficiency. Additionally, we are excited about the yield data from our Cover Crop Studies and Tire Pressure Study. In preparation for harvest, we will take signs down and finalize data before the combine starts to roll!”


Look for our harvest yield data in the 2022 PFR Book later this year and have a safe harvest season!


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