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CropTalk: New Soybean PFR Proven™ Products and Practices

March 2022

Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2022

In the February issue, we dove into the 18 new PFR Proven™ corn products and practices for 2021. Additionally, we added 17 new soybean PFR Proven products and practices to the lineup after three years of multi-location research. Testing across diverse soil conditions and factors allows our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team to provide an unbiased analysis of the profitability of products and practices for each individual operation and farm. What products or practices might you be able to implement or improve on your farm?



Combating the various environments and unknowns of the coming growing season, pre-plant products and practices can help reduce barriers and promote uniform emergence and early plant growth. Two new products earned the PFR Proven seal of approval in 2021. Acting as a form of spring tillage, the Yetter 2894 Strip Fresheners help create an ideal seedbed and allow for quicker soil warming, and provided a 2.2 Bu./A. yield advantage (2021 PFR Book pp. 20 and 155). TerraMax Dry™, a soybean inoculant product, also positively impacted yield and profitability (pp. 16, 17, and 137).



Each year, PFR strives to help farmers create the ideal planter setup to optimize profitability across each tough, no-till, or less-than-optimal soil conditions. Three new pieces of equipment and one practice, each resulting in increased yield and profitability, recently earned the PFR Proven status. DeltaForce® from Precision Planting® allows the load pin to gather real-time field conditions on every row and adjust for ideal pressure needed (pp. 34 and 134). Yetter’s 2976 Row Cleaners help decrease potential hair-pinning and allow better gauge wheel contact. Prescription Tillage Technologies’ STP disc openers, tested across various soil conditions, yielded an advantage over standard disc openers (pp. 38 and 132). The practice of singulating soybeans with Precison Planting’s singulated 56-cell soybean plates allows the ideal placement of the seed for optimal sunlight collection (pp. 40 and 139).




Depending on soil factors and the plant’s ability to uptake, foliar-applied products can help satisfy the plant’s high energy demands. Four new PFR Proven Products were added from two companies in 2021. BRANDT® Smart B-Mo™, a fungicide additive, is formulated to deliver boron and molybdenum to the plant. The micronutrient BRANDT Smart® Quatro® Plus provides a complete micronutrient package compatible with different tank-mix applications. It was named a PFR Proven product when applied at R3 after delivering a three-year average positive ROI and increased soybean yields (pp. 52, 146, and 149). Conklin’s foliar product Syntose FA® provides available sugars and fulvic acid for diverse soil and plant conditions. It has a three-year average ROI of $9.75/A. and a 1.1 Bu./A. yield advantage (pp. 53 and 154). BRANDT® Indicate 5®, a water conditioner product, improves spray solution effectiveness by creating an optimal solution pH of 4.5 to 5.5 and counters the effects of hard water ions. It has a three-year ROI average of $9.58/A. ROI and a 1.1 Bu./A. yield advantage (pp. 58 and 153).



The PFR Proven practice of applying fungicides at R3, when there is a pod 3/16 in. long at one of the four uppermost nodes, provides plant health benefits for grain fill and disease protection. After three years of testing across multiple locations, three new fungicides, one fungicide adjuvant, and one practice gained the PFR Proven seal. Two products from Syngenta including Miravis® Neo (for northern states) and Miravis® Top (for southern states), as well as FMC’s Lucento®, utilize multiple modes of action and have provided the positive ROIs and yield advantages shown below (pp. 64 and 144). What carrier rate is the best to achieve the most canopy penetration and efficacy when applying a fungicide? Three-year PFR data shows that 20 gal. is the optimal amount, and was named PFR Proven in 2021 (pp. 68 and 145). Fungicides are optimized through maximum coverage and time. Adjuvant product BRANDT® Super 7 helps reduce drift and allows the plant more time to intake the fungicide, yielding a 1.7 Bu./A. average advantage and a $14.87/A. ROI, gaining the PFR Proven seal (pp. 69 and 147).



When growing organic crops, in-season nutritional and plant-health product options can seem limited. PFR added two new products to the lineup for organic soybeans, yielding consistent returns and advantages across multiple locations. Nutritional product, BRANDT® Organics Crop Mix, provides critical nutrients. It has a three-year average ROI of $16.26/A. when applied at V4. Pacesetter®, a plant health product, improves root growth and chlorophyll production and yielded a 2.3 Bu./A. advantage and a $38.97/A. ROI (pp. 79). The high ROIs are associated with smaller yield advantages because of high organic grain premiums.


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