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CropTalk: Getting Amped With FARMserver®

March 2022

Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2022

In the cold winter months, we tend to hibernate. Unless, of course, you have livestock. Or a heated shop. But even then, it’s harder to get motivated when the temperatures are low, the winds are blowing, and the ground is frozen. Spring can seem a long way off when you’re sipping coffee on a still-dark February morning.

What this weather IS perfect for, however, is data collection, analytics, and planning. Break out that USB, the laptop, the iPad, and dive into FARMserver. Francis Beck felt very strongly about, “Whatever you measure, tends to improve,” and we have to agree. You probably logged data all year; now is the time to use it!

How do your yield maps look in FARMserver? Use our post-calibration tools to adjust total wet weight or total bushels across the field to match your scale tickets. While we’re talking about editing, if the product name on your application or planting data is wrong, you can change that in FARMserver too.



Did you run some trials this summer? Use our Query Tool to highlight different areas of your field and compare yield. You can turn on any layer you want to use as a reference, and when you’re done comparing two areas, you can order and print a report for your records. What about planning for tile? This tool can help you determine how much yield you’re gaining – or losing – in that wet spot that never seems to dry out.

Are you ready to plan for next year? Create a Seed Plan for your whole operation and get a clear idea of how many units you need by field, product, or crop type. Don’t forget to involve your Beck’s representative when placing products and considering optimum planting populations!

Are you curious about variable rate seed recommendations? The Zones and Rx Tool in FARMserver lets you use your soil type, historical yield data, elevation, soil tests, or any combination of those layers to build zones, assign rates, and export to whatever monitor you need. Are you interested in testing a higher or lower population? The Test Blocks feature allows you to size and place population test blocks in the area of the field that is best suited for you. Any data layers you upload and/ or create in FARMserver can be pulled up as a background image while you’re scouting fields in the summer. At the end of the year, the Yield by Test Blocks Report is a quick and easy way to analyze your population trials.

Take advantage of the chilly weather by getting your farm set up and organized in FARMserver. If you need help with any of these tools in FARMserver, or are ready to create an account and get started, don’t be afraid to reach out to your local Beck’s representative for guidance.


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Author: Sheila Downey

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